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Creating a Global Giant

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

The visionary team behind Scottsdale’s MiCamp Solutions

You may not have specifically heard of MiCamp Solutions, but there’s a good chance you’ve used its technology. The Scottsdale-based company is a technology disrupter and financial problem-solver, creating unique payment processing solutions. If you’ve ever purchased any-thing, at some point you’ve probably done business with a merchant who utilizes a MiCamp solution. It’s also a company with a heart, and one that always has its customers at heart, as well as its community.

Micah Kinsler, Gary Jeppesen, and Phil Hoolehan

Micah Kinsler has been an entrepreneur since age 13 when he launched a landscape business, and then grew it to include several employees. Kinsler has always had an uncanny ability for envisioning, reinventing, and launching companies that met a perceived need.

By the end of 2006, he saw another need, driven by personal experience. A business owner, he realized he was getting crushed by credit card fees. So, true to his nature and entrepreneurial drive, he decided to do something about it – and in 2007, MiCamp Solutions was launched.

Kinsler’s vision was a financial technology firm that could offer secure payment processing solutions while helping its customers maximize their profits.

But MiCamp is more than just about growth. A family man, and fiercely loyal, Kinsler – MiCamp’s president – is adamant that the company he founded makes a difference for the customers it works with, is ethical, and makes an impact.

To that end, it’s no surprise that the company has also been a nominee of the prestigious BBB Torch Awards for Ethics, among many other awards.

In fact, MiCamp is one of the fast-growing and award-winning payment companies in the United States, helping 17,000 clients world-wide, processing $9 billion a year, and working with 400 independent service organizations. It is also in the Top 5 Fiserv ISO, Chairman’s Circle. There are multiple locations around the country, and it was recently named for the second time to the Inc. 5000, ranking 2,542 – halving its rank from the previous year.

The company’s incredible growth from a start-up with four employees to a global giant is fueled not only by Kinsler’s vision, but the additions of Gary Jeppesen, COO, and Phil Hoolehan, CFO. Gary leads our operations and has an extensive background in finance and technology. Phil oversees the finance team and is also heavily involved in MiCamp’s mergers and acquisitions strategy. The three complement each other in regards to the skills they bring, and all share the same ethics and vision – it’s always what’s best for the customers, the employees, and then the company.

Working together, Kinsler, Jeppesen, and Hoolehan, along with the rest of the employees, have built a company that is changing lives.

Today MiCamp offers cutting-edge payment solutions; custom payment software solutions; and a revolutionary, zero-percent processing solution called WavIt that has saved numerous businesses from closing its doors during the pandemic. To date, WAVit has saved their customers $362 million dollars in processing fees and counting.

MiCamp Solutions is a vision that’s come to realization – but even with all of its success, Kinsler isn’t stopping there. He, along with Jeppesen, Hoolehan, and everyone else involved with MiCamp Solutions, continues to innovate in order to provide the best, most cutting-edge and helpful solutions, and highest costumer service.

“I just saw a need, and wanted to make a difference,” Kinsler says.

Mandi Bonicelli

As director of the MiCamp’s ISO Channel Bonicelli oversees her team on the day-to-day sales, service and support for over 17,000 merchants world-wide.

MiCamp offers a variety of solutions. There is traditional credit card processing – with extremely competitive rates, of course, that can beat any other pricing. Card processing is available for both in-person and virtual transactions.

During the pandemic, MiCamp launched one of its newest offerings, the revolutionary WAVit program. The platform that allows merchants to reduce their credit card processing fees to zero, providing them with significant cost savings. The program that helped save count-less businesses over the past year. It provides customers with a cash discount, as well.

MiCamp also offers mergers and acquisitions services.

Harper Babin

Many recognize Harper Babin as the spokesperson of MiCamp Cares. The Director of ISV, she heads up the custom software division, but is also passionate about the new MiCamp Cares program, which is the charity arm of MiCamp Solutions.

MiCamp Cares’ giving program works with charities across Arizona, including Big Brothers/Big Sisters, TGEN, The Arizona Sports & Entertainment Commission, Arizona Helping Hands, DBACKS Gives Back, and Cardinals Charities – to name just a few (charities looking to be considered as beneficiaries can submit online).

“We often give to youth, sports, and mental health organizations,” Babin explains. “Giving back is so important to MiCamp, and an integral part of who we are.”

The philosophy of the program is simple: Give back to the community in which you work and live.

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