Micah Kinsler | President

Gary Jeppesen, Chief Operating Officer

Phil Hoolehan, Chief Financial Officer

Nikki Balich, Chief Marketing Officer

Jeremy Fried, Chief Technical Officer

Loreal Blocher, Executive Assistant


George McCullough, Enterprise Accounts
Mandi Bonicelli, VP Sales
Steve Marconi, SR. VP Business Development
Tim George,
VP Business Development
Harper Babin, Director ISV
 Marwa Morsi, HR Director
Alex Elert, Director of M&A
Erik Wahlstrom, Director of MiCamp Cares
George West,
Director of Customer Service
Andy Ponopoulus, Director of Logistics
George McCullough, Enterprise Accounts


 Brittany Terwilliger, Customer Service Supervisor
Kiara Tyler, Service & Support Specialist
Makala Krayer, Service & Support Specialist
Michael Terwilliger, Service & Support Specialist
Alejandra Sanchez, Service & Support Specialist


 Laura Czarnecki, Financial Analyst
Deborah Camm, FSP Consultant
Stephen Prince, FSP Consultant
  Haley Hoolehan, Residuals Analyst


Aydee Ariza, Developer Intern
Dennis Mayor, Developer Intern
Scott Smith, Software Development
Tom Taggert, Software Development
Robert McDonald, Sr. Engineer


Brittany Deatherage, Social Media Coordinator
Elizabeth Ellis, Marketing Coordinator
Joe Patti, PR/Communications
Kamara Penick, Marketing Coordinator


Steven Hill, Account Retention Manager
Mark Mihalek, Boarding / New Accounts Manager
Andrew Lovaas, Deployment Specialist 
Stephanie Wozniak, Escalations/Special Projects
Alex Calvo, Pre-Boarding Specialist
Keith O’Rourke, Pricing/Data Analytics
Cody Krayer, Tech Services Manager


Blake Heugel, ISO Recruitment
Devin Goodloe, Relationship Manager
Nate Hardwick, Relationship Manager
Kylie Orlando, Relationship Manager
Tarik Weatherspoon, Relationship Manager