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Do You Need a Custom Payment Software Solution?

The payments industry changes quickly, disrupted by new, revolutionary technologies....that is where we come in. With MiCamp, running, expanding, and keeping your business ahead of the competition has never been easier.

Our mission is to be the premier provider of custom financial technology software applications for businesses worldwide.

Learn how MiCamp Solutions compares to PayPal, Stripe & Square!

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Our Approach

MiCamp’s development strategy centers around the development of world-class payment solutions, engineered to use proprietary processing rails and terminal integrations.

Project Exploration

Together, we discuss the project objectives, requirements, and desired functionality. Using this information, we build out a project  road map and timeline.

Testing & Quality Assurance

We test and QA your product
throughout the development
process to guarantee features
are working as envisioned and
the application is functioning as

Project Specifications

We create a detailed plan
for execution via a Product
Specification document that
highlights the features and
components of the application.

Product Deployment

On the launch date, we prepare
the application for deployment
to a production-ready state and
begin running analytic engines
to monitor the product.


Using the Project Specification
details, our engineers begin
development. Our product
manager will communicate
updates and milestone
completions. Should new
objectives emerge, our
development sprints can be adjusted accordingly. 


During and after deployment,
we provide continued support.
Whether it be a full handoff
to your development staff, or
continued development of
features, we continue to work as
a team to ensure your product’s

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