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MiCamp Solutions Announces Strategic Alliance and Enhanced Stake in COCARD

December 4, 2023

For Immediate Release | Scottsdale, Arizona

In a significant move within the financial services sector, MiCamp Solutions, an acclaimed full-service provider of Fiserv and Repay proudly announces a landmark strategic alliance with COCARD. This partnership is further bolstered by MiCamp Solutions increasing its investment and involvement in COCARD, signaling a new chapter in their shared journey of innovation and service excellence.

COCARD, founded in 1999, has made its mark with a unique model of owner-operated ISOs, providing collective bargaining power and strategic exit opportunities. Their mission, fueled by over 100 years of combined industry experience from member-volunteers and leadership, is focused on delivering unparalleled value to clients.

MiCamp Solutions, established in 2007, has been a leader in fintech, pioneering innovative solutions that extend beyond conventional credit card processing. MiCamp’s ethos of integrity, competitiveness, and outstanding service has been the cornerstone of its success.

This alliance, which includes a strategic enhancement of MiCamp's stake in COCARD, will leverage MiCamp Solutions' comprehensive portfolio, including financing, funding, ISV Integrations, and advanced payment analytics software, with COCARD’s extensive network and deep industry insight. This collaboration promises to augment client services and expand their market reach significantly.

Micah Kinsler, President of MiCamp Solutions, shares his excitement about this new chapter: "This partnership with COCARD is a milestone for us in the fintech industry, expanding our service range and market footprint. It reflects our ambition to transform the fintech landscape and spearhead innovation with our comprehensive and advanced solutions."

Dan Brattland, the Chairman of the Board at COCARD, shares an equally positive outlook on the collaboration with MiCamp, stating, "The union of COCARD and MiCamp represents an ideal pairing, rooted in a shared philosophy geared towards enhancing growth prospects for all our partner resellers." He elaborates, emphasizing that, "This merging of forces will broaden the opportunities for our partner resellers, enabling them to enhance the value they offer to their clients and their respective organizations."

Through this strategic alliance, MiCamp Solutions and COCARD are poised to collectively serve over 46,000 merchants and process transactions in excess of $40 billion. This collaboration represents much more than a mere business merger; it's a unification of shared goals and visions, set to significantly transform the financial services landscape. Both companies will maintain their current leadership structure and brand identity, ensuring a seamless integration of their respective strengths and expertise while preserving the unique characteristics that have defined their success. This partnership is dedicated to elevating client success and upholding the distinct corporate cultures and values of MiCamp Solutions and COCARD.

This collaboration was expertly guided by the combined legal expertise of the Law Offices of Snell and Wilmer, Carnahan Law Firm PLC, and Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP.

About MiCamp Solutions

MiCamp Solutions, nestled in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a standout in the fintech field for its innovative and secure payment processing solutions. Founded in 2007, the company has achieved considerable growth, serving a diverse array of clients. MiCamp excels in providing tailored consulting and specialized application engineering to tackle the unique payment challenges of its merchants and partners. The firm prides itself on its extensive experience in the electronic payments industry and upholds values such as exceptional service, competitive edge, reliability, security, and clarity. These guiding principles have fortified MiCamp's stature as a respected industry leader and a notable full-service provider for Fiserv, Inc. (FI) and Repay Holdings Corporation (RPAY), also recognized in the Fiserv Chairman’s Circle. For additional information on MiCamp Solutions and its services, please visit


Headquartered in Nashville TN, COCARD is a cumulative group of over 100 individual sales offices throughout the US. COCARD is committed to delivering exceptional value through efficient operations and a broad spectrum of services. By collectively sharing resources and knowledge to enhance growth, COCARD has grown to over 11 billion in annual processing volume. COCARD delivers products and services that enable sales offices to leverage their entrepreneurial spirit and individual business strategies for success. COCARD is built on the power of “We”.


For further information, please contact:

Nikki Balich, CMO

MiCamp Solutions


Phone: 800-396-0246

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