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MiCamp Solutions Services High-Risk Industries

The National Credit Card Processing Company Helps High-Risk Companies Succeed

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2022 / -- Guns and ammo. Multi-Level marketing. CBD products. While other credit card processing companies aren’t able to serve high-risk industries such as these, MiCamp Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide the same great services as they do for any other companies.

MiCamp President Micah Kinsler believes in being agnostic when it comes to capitalism. “If you’re operating legally in the United States, you should have the same rights as every other company,” Kinsler said. “While some may object to the nature of the products being sold by high-risk companies, we believe they still deserve equal representation and service.”

The idea behind MiCamp Solutions started in October 2006. Kinsler owned a franchised business and was frustrated with the high fees he paid to process credit card transactions. After doing some research, he discovered that many merchant processing companies were taking advantage of the business owners they were supposed to help. With a desire to help other business owners, Kinsler moved into the payments industry, looking to save money for as many businesses as he could, while helping those businesses grow.

In early 2007, MiCamp opened an office with just four employees. MiCamp's portfolio was soon labeled the fastest growing portfolio on Firserv radar. Since then, MiCamp Solutions has grown into a company with over 150 employees around the country; has become one of the largest clients of Firserv and a trusted business partner for over 20,000 merchants across the United States.

Kinsler continues, “We are a fiscally conservative company, but we refuse to discriminate against industries that are typically turned away by the traditional credit card processing market. Some of the subject matter involved may be offensive to others, however, these companies should have the same basic rights in our country.”

MiCamp Solutions describes high-risk companies and industries as those that require special attention from their payment providers, due to the potential for commercial disputes and legal restrictions.

For more information on MiCamp Solutions, contact 800-396-0246 or visit

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